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Solar Powered Fountain Coloured LED Water Pump

Solar Powered Fountain Coloured LED Water Pump

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This 7W Solar Powered Fountain Coloured LED Water Pump with 11 Nozzles is fab for Garden, Fountain, Birth Bath.

- This fountain pump can rely on solar energy to generate power, eliminating the hassle of pulling cables in the yard and bringing fountain landscapes to your garden. The solar panel can not only support the work of the fountain pump during the day, but also store power for the battery, which ensures that the fountain pump at night.
- Robust 7W solar glass laminate with high-quality aluminium housing and solar panel bracket with ground pins. These materials guarantee the weather resistance and corrosion resistance of the solar fountain pump suitable for garden ponds.
- Low water protection function: the solar fountain pump comes with colourful slow flashing light beads to make your garden even cooler. At the same time, we have added a lack of water protection function, which can detect the water level and make the use of the pump safer.
- This solar fountain pump can help you design fountain landscapes for your garden, pool or aquarium. It converts solar energy to continuously supply power to the fountain pump, saving you time and eliminating the problems of normal power supply of the fountain pump.
- Maximum water spray height: 100cm, the height of water spray will be different when different nozzles are connected.

Automatic function:
- When switching to automatic function and the battery is fully charged, the LED light flashes twice.
- When the sun is weak or the weather is bad during the day, when the battery power is above 70%, the battery will assist the fountain to work; when the battery power is below 70%, it will stop assisting.

Night function:
- When switching to night function and the battery is fully charged, the LED light flashes once.
- When the light sense detects the night, the led lights of the fountain will work automatically. The fountain does not work during the day and only charges the batteries.

Configure water shortage protection function (water level monitoring):
- When there is no water, the water pump will automatically stop working to protect the motor.

Solar panels:
- Size: length 27.5cm, width 19.6cm, height 1.8cm (excluding battery base), height 3.9cm (including battery base);
- Voltage: 10V
- Power: 7W

Pump parameters:
- Size: 5.9x4.65x3.85cm
- Voltage: 8V
- Power: 2.3W
- Built-in battery: 7.4V, 5000mAh
- Lamp beads: 8 pcs, colored lights
- Water pump flow can be adjusted
- The solar water pump fountain will be activated within 1-3 seconds in the sun, if it is not activated, the solar water pump fountain will not work normally.

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