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Steamy Spray Cat Brush

Steamy Spray Cat Brush

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Material: Plastic Size: 17cm/6.69"*8.5cm/3.35" 

 Water can be added: 10ml 

 Product Features 

1, Pet Spray Massage Comb, One-key Spray Massage Cleaning, Prevent Flying Hair but Not Hurt the Skin 

2, One-key Spray, Prevent Flying Hair, Massage Cleaning, Water or Essence can be added to the liquid inlet 

3. Multiple collection functions, one comb for three purposes, to remove floating hair, cleaning, massage, rotating handle, bristles for two purposes are more convenient 

4, soft and round silicone comb teeth, massage soft teeth round and do not hurt the skin, combing is simple and convenient 

5, adsorption hair, can easily comb out cat hair, no static electricity and no flying hair to avoid cleaning troubles 

6.USB power interface, suitable for power banks, laptops, desktop computers, and USB equipped power strips, convenient to carry

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