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Touch Crystal Acrylic Table Lamp

Touch Crystal Acrylic Table Lamp

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Touch the top of the light with your finger to turn it on, and touch it again to change the color. Or choose the remote-control, you can adjust the brightness at will, and choose 16 colors accurately.

 This crystal diamond lamp can adjust 6 levels of brightness through the remote control, and provides 4 dynamic modes to choose from.

 Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery allows you to take it to outdoor use. The battery lasts for 12 hours at minimum brightness when fully charged.

 The unique 3D cutting technology creates the rose crystal table lamp that shines like a diamond. With its modern and luxurious appearance, this crystal table lamp immediately fills the surroundings with a romantic atmosphere.

When the nightlight is not turned on, it is an ornament that matches your room perfectly. During the day, the natural and elegant crystal diamond appearance allows it to be placed anywhere in the house without looking out of place. At night, it is a colorful and romantic beautiful night light.,

 Size: 210 x 90 x 90 mm


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