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Solar Lantern Lights

Solar Lantern Lights

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Add some character with these solar lanterns, available in 2 styles and 3 diff colours. 

12.6 x9cm 

Can be used in gardens, courtyards, corridors, balconies, parks, etc

Usage: After receiving the product, remove the lid and open the sunroof. Place the light string evenly inside the bottle and then cover the lid. Place it in the sunlight, and it will automatically turn off during the day and on at night. This switch only needs to be turned on once, and can be charged when it is in the on state.

Scope of use: This product is waterproof and can be used outdoors, suitable for decorating places such as balconies, gardens, parks, streets, etc. Hang it in a sunny place, with delivery clips for easy hanging. Hanging anywhere is a beautiful scenery.



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