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Aroma Oil

Aroma Oil

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Aroma oils are crafted from a blend of synthetic and essential oils, providing a mild but delightful aroma for your home. Intended for Ultrasonic Air Diffusers, the purpose of an aroma oil is to set the atmosphere, creating an inviting scent that uplifts moods and inspires.

Each Bottle contains 10ml of oil 

Our Kikidees bottles contain pipette wipers, these help you save wasted oil. As the pipette is drawn from the bottle, the excess product is guided back into the container. This not only provides you with a better experience, it also ensure that your products last longer. 

We have used glass bottles (they do cost slightly  more, but we are trying to reduce our plastic usage), 

HOW TO USE - A diffuser is filled with water and a few drops of aroma oil are added depending on the desired intensity of aroma. To activate the aromatic diffuser, the heat source is turned on, such as a tea light for a ceramic burner or the flick of a switch for an electric burner. This heats the water, releasing fragrant steam into the air. If using a tealight burner make sure its is FULLY dry before using for wax melts again

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